Fire Protection


Fire insulation is the kind of isolation that places the greatest demands on material and application technique. Steel Structures is one of the areas where SpreFix ® S is an attractive material. No mechanical fixings are needed and there are no seams which have a negative effect on fire resistance. There is no other system that uses only wool and a Polyvinylalcohol for fire insulation on the market today.

SpreFix ® S are capable of temperatures of more than 1000 ° C and has a density of 140-160 kg/m3.

SpreFix ® S, are with margin, proven to withstand the toughest test for fire resistance in the marine sector.

Therefore SpreFix ® S assigned the highest level of product certification for marine applications, Level D, from the largest and most important agencies registered as DNV, USCG, Lloyds, ABS etc.

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