Spray Insulation in Building Construction - Your architect will love it!

SpreFix ® multi-insulation provides fire protection, thermal insulation, condensation insulation and soundproofing. Our broad experience includes large buildings with people, such as lounges at airports, offices, central warehouses, schools, restaurants, breweries and bakeries, to name a few.

Efficient thermal insulation is becoming increasingly important to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. SpreFix ® method effectively eliminates the risk of corrosion by moisture trap between the insulating layer and the underlying steel surface (and rot in wood structures). Noise reduction is often required to ensure acceptable working conditions and to avoid health risks such as in heavy industry.

The insulation is white (SpreFix ® G) or gray (SpreFix ® S) with an attractive structure. It can easily be applied to the domes, curved roofs, uneven and other challenging surfaces. The mineral wool also works well as additional insulation.

As shown in these examples, there is almost no limit to what you can do with SpreFix ®.


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